Financial Information

August- May 

Registration Fee 

This is a fee due at time of registration. This a $35 fee per family. A family includes siblings and parents involved in the program. This fee secures a spot in desired class.


Tuition is due on the 1st of every month.

This will be drafted through your parent portal.


-30 mins a week-$55.00 /month

-45 mins a week-$60.00/month

-1 hour a week- $65.00/month

-1.25 hours a week- $80.00/month 

-1.5 hours a week- $95.00/month

-1.75 hours a week- $110.00/ month

-2 hours a week- $125.00/month

-2.25 hours a week- $140.00/month

-2.5 hours a week- $155.00/month

-2.75 hours a week- $170.00/month

-3 hours a week-$185.00/month

-3.25 hours a week-$200/month 

-3.5+ hours a week-$215/month  

*prices are per dancer

*siblings will receive a $10 discount 


Recreational costumes are each $80 a piece.

The first half of costume total is due September 1st and second half October 1st.

This will be drafted from account.  All costumes come with required performance tights. Costumes will be worn in the May recital.   

-All Kinder Classes & Level I- 1 Costume

-All Level II&Up Combo Classes 2 Costumes

-Hip Hop 1 Costume

-Clogging 1 Costume

-Contemporary 1 Costume

-Tumbling &Acro  NO COSTUME/no performance  

Recital Fee

This is a $55 fee due February 1st and it will be drafted.

This fee includes a recital cast t-shirt for your dancer, a TDS yearbook and a trophy given on stage at the recital. 

Nutcracker Fee

This is a $20 fee due November 1st and it will be drafted. 

This fee includes rental of the nutcracker costume and production props.  

Financial Questions

You may visit the studio during OFFICE hours and review your account with office staff or manage your account online at

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given on fees paid. At anytime in the season you may make a stop payment on your  account.