Q: Will My 2 year old dance in class?

A: Our 2 year old class is one of our most sought after classes. Each week the class works on tap and ballet dance skills as well as creative movement. A child at two years of age is perfectly capable of achieving the gross motor movements that beginner tap and ballet steps require. Our 2 year old students are amazing!


Q: Do you have an observation window?

A: We do not have an observation window. Over the years, we have experimented with a parent observation window and have found that classes are most beneficial when there is not a window present. Dance should be an experience that is free of parental correction, and the absence of a window prevents this from occurring. Dance class also provides a child an opportunity to navigate the world independently in a controlled environment. We have a closed class policy, just like school, twice a year we invite parents in to participate/observe!


Q: Does the monthly tuition fee remain the same each month?

A: YES! Our season runs August- May and each month the same amount is due. The classes will meet at least 3 times a month and no more than 5 times a month. 


Q: Why do you have a dress code?

A: A dress code has multiple benefits. In order for a teacher to properly correct alignment of the body,  the teacher needs to see muscle and bone placement. Tradition is another reason. For many years dancers have worn leotard and tights to class. We adhere to these traditions.  It is what is expected of our dancers. Uniformity helps the teacher notices mistakes because the eye is distracted by them. Color coding the classes gets all the students safely to class. It also gives the student a clear understanding of progression throughout the years.


Q: Do we offer trial classes?

A: We do not have trial classes. Dance is rewarding by the progress that is made from week to week. Trying a class once does not give the full experience of what dance has to offer.


Q: How are levels of classes and teams chosen?

A: Levels are based on age and ability. We want ALL of our dancers to progress to their full potential. Each dancer has different capabilities and will progress at different rates. We encourage self development in each and every student and at rate that is appropriate for them individually. No two dancers are the same. When the staff feels that a student is ready for the next level or joining a new team is right for them, the parent will be the first to know. If staff feels that your dancer is misplaced we will notify you immediately to move student into correct placement. 


Q: What type of atmosphere does your studio have?

A: We are a family owned and operated studio providing services for families from all walks of life. Our staff invests in the child as a person not only as a dancer. We want to help raise compassionate, disciplined, self motivated, and self confident dancers! All choreography and costuming will be family friendly and age appropriate. Staff will not compromise the integrity of the dancer or studio to follow current industry trends. 



Q: Where can dance take you?

A: Dance can take you many places! We have had students that have attended the Governors School for The Arts and Humanities Summer and Residential Programs, Alvin Ailey, The University of South Carolina Summer Ballet and Jazz Conservatory, etc. as well as College Dance Teams: The University of South Carolina, College of Charleston, Clemson, Lander, Columbia College, Upstate, Newberry College etc. TDS has also trained dancers that have careers as professional dancers with the NBA/NFL Dance Teams: The Carolina Panther TopCats. We will encourage all dancers to train as if they wish to dance at the next level. 


Q: What is the difference in the recreational program and competitive program?

A: Our competitive program travels to regional and national competitions. This gives an opportunity for the dancers to perform multiple times throughout the year. Our team- The DanZforce is required to attend Dance Conventions like; West Coast Dance Explosion, Jump, etc. These unique experiences give dancers opportunities to receive training from industry leaders. Our recreational and competitive program receives the same technical training and the same teachers from TDS staff. Both programs are encouraged attend our in house Summer Intensive- where TDS brings in guest instructors to give students an opportunity to be inspired and invigorated for the upcoming fall season.