Ballet is the foundation of all traditional styles of dance. Ballet allows a dancer to progress easily into other forms of dance with the knowledge of how to leap and turn while maintaining the body in balance.  Ballet not only trains the body with strength and flexibility, but it trains the mind with discipline and responsibility.    

TDS has a ballet requirement  for enrollment for jazz, contemporary and tap classes.  


Jazz is a class that focuses on fluidity of movement to upbeat music. Turns, pirouettes, leaps, body conditioning, flexibility and rhythm are all incorporated into jazz.  The movements that are characteristic of Jazz are derived from the art of ballet. Students begin with very basic jazz movements and will progresses they study to complex combinations and variations.


Tap training utilizes special shoes with metal plates so rhythms of the feet can be heard. Our tap program for the 

youngest dancer will incorporate a classical style of tap and as dancer's age progresses their tap style does too into a hoofing modern tap. 



Contemporary is a style of dance training that is a combination of ballet and jazz.  This style of dance not only focuses on the body, but emotional expression challenging the mind and body in one class.



The Kinderdance program is a class that combines tap and ballet elements along with creative movement. This program is designed to give the youngest dancers an opportunity to try multiple styles of dance in one class. Classes offered for ages 2-6.


Hip Hop

Hip hop is a style of training that is derived from street dancers.  This class focuses on isolating body motion into a pop lock rhythm. Music for this class is upbeat and fast. Choreography is age appropriate and conservative.


Acro teaches flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and movement control. This class will also focus on the skills used in dance choreography.  This class will incorporate but is not limited to backbends, back-handsprings, handstands, walkovers and contortion skills. This class does not participate in the recital. This class will use Acrobatic Arts curriculum. Classes offered for ages 3-18.


Clogging training incorporates a special shoe that has a jingle tap. This class will combine elements from hip hop and tap to perform a percussive type movement.  Classes offered for ages 6-18.



Pointe Class is training for advanced ballet students. A special shoe is worn to allow dancers to move on their toes. This class is by recommendation only. Classes offered for ages 10-18.


Class Size 

All classes have a cap limit on size number. Student to teacher ratio is a priority in quality instruction.  

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